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Big Momma’s hours

effective May 4

We will be open on Commercial Street from 8am until 4pm Monday through Saturday. We will be doing take out only from 2:00 to 4:00 on those days…delivery is still available from 11:00 to 2:00. Thanks for your support during these challenging times…and we look forward to seeing some of you we haven’t seen for awhile as you come back and we hope to welcome new friends as well. We are doing all that we can to insure your safety and that you have a positive experience while you are here. Our thoughts are always with you and we hope that you have been safe and will continue to be as we go through this period all together.-Big Momma

Big Momma’s


Big Momma, as she’s known around here, brings a passion for great food, coffee, and southern hospitality to the heart of the Ozarks. She’s the pride of historic C-Street, and though you won’t see her around very often, you’ll always feel her warm, welcoming spirit at Big Momma’s. She’s for dreamers, teachers, listeners, storytellers, and most of all—friends. Join us at Momma’s house where friends become family.

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Soup of the Day

Momma’s Monday soups...
Thai chicken curry.
Red pepper/tomato

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